David Lewis was born in Guam, and was adopted into the Lewis family at the age of six weeks. He quickly revealed a vibrant personality that many remember and love.

As a child David was always smiling. His early childhood and family life on Cape Cod included three older sisters who were strong willed and often included him in their antics.  He embraced it with laughter and a slyness that wouldn’t surprise anyone who knew him well.

In school David forged a few close bonds, but was friendly with everyone. It never mattered to him how old someone was or what background they came from. He treated everyone equally. That was a trait that never left him, and which endeared him to so many.

David's middle and high school years became difficult. School challenged him both academically and socially, and David never felt like he truly fit in. Unfortunately, because he felt on the outside of what was accepted, David began to make choices that led down a very hard path.

David's family was hopeful that the amazing person they knew him to be would win out over his addiction and steer his journey to a better place. 

Thankfully, after several painful years, David realized that he needed help, and that he couldn't do it alone. With his family by his side and with the help from the incredible people at Gosnold, David was able to turn his life around. He received treatment at Gosnold, regained his life and began to live a life of joy and purpose.

David's sobriety led to amazing experiences, and also to the love of his life, Christine. What began as meeting someone new ended up with a beautiful wedding in a hot air balloon, a precious marriage, and the joy of experiencing life together. 

Unfortunately, in 2010 an undiagnosed heart condition took David's life unexpectedly. He was only 39 years old. The David Lewis 5K celebrates the almost eight years of sobriety that David enjoyed, supports all those in recovery, and helps to educate our local community about the joy of recovery.

David's Story

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-Robert Frost

"The best way out is always through."

To date, the David Lewis 5K has raised over $100,000 
to help support Gosnold's
Prevention and Recovery Programs

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”  


Why We Run

"We started the David Lewis 5K to celebrate David's years of sobriety and to share his spirit of love and kindness. He is always with us, and he is with the many people struggling to get their lives back on track, people who face very difficult choices every day. Although we miss him greatly, we will always celebrate his recovery and his life. Everyone who participates in the  David Lewis 5K helps us to honor David and his legacy. Thank you for being a part of it."

-Theodore Roosevelt