Founded in 1972,  Gosnold is a nationally accredited non-profit innovator in the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders.  They understand addiction and mental health disorders as chronic, relapsing diseases and take an empathetic and individualized approach to treatment. 

Gosnold offers a full end-to-end continuum of care for drug and alcohol addiction, mental health and substance use disorders.  They also offer a wide range of treatment options ranging from medical detoxification and rehabilitation to partial hospitalization. Gosnold continually develops new programs and services with the realization that long-term solutions must incorporate stronger and more comprehensive community based care, early intervention, long term engagement, and broader awareness programs. 

Gosnold’s innovative range of programs and commitment to excellence has made Gosnold a program of choice for those affected with substance use disorders and co-occurring substance abuse and mental health conditions. New treatment approaches are made possible by partnerships with local organizations, private foundations, and annual fundraising events such as the David Lewis 5K.

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Gosnold, Inc. 

WellStrong is a nonprofit wellness studio focused on supporting people who are in recovery from substance use disorder get stronger physically and emotionally in order to stay well and remain engaged in satisfying and productive lives. We are located in Falmouth, MA and opened in December of 2017.

WellStrong offers a safe, supportive, sober environment allowing people in all stages of recovery to participate in wellness activities that have been shown to reduce relapse rates.  Members connect in an unstructured activity-based environment as they strength-train, work out, participate in fitness classes, yoga classes, meditation, support groups, hiking expeditions, races or group running training. Classes are taught by certified and licensed fitness and wellness professionals, many who are in recovery themselves.

The support of peers, all aiming to achieve their goals, creates an opportunity for healing, strength and empowerment. Their programs are available to anyone committed to recovery, regardless of their ability to pay. The only requirement for membership is 48 hours in recovery.